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Natural mineral water rich in mineral salts, Donat Mg .

1 litre

Raw material origin: Slovenia .

Donat Mg natural mineral water is around 8000 years old and is curative. The spring came to light in 1908, inside today's Rogaska Slatina thermal park in Slovenia.
The minerals enrich the source water in depth (between 280 and 600 meters underground) with the dissolution of rocks (magnesium, calcium, sulfate, hydrogen) and other elements (CO2). One liter of Donat Mg contains 1040 milligrams of magnesium. Thanks to magnesium and other mineral substances, Donat Mg has healing powers that reduce or prevent many diseases and protect our health. Therefore medicine has used it successfully for over a hundred years to alleviate health problems. One of the specific characteristics of Donat Mg is that magnesium is present in its most natural form, that is ionic, so it is immediate
use, as our body does not have to work hard to dissolve it and send it to the cells that need it.
Donat Mg natural mineral water is also very rich in hydrogen carbonate. This mineral neutralizes the acidity in our body and therefore helps maintain the acid-base balance. Hydrogen carbonate reduces acidity in the digestive tract, which relieves heartburn and pain caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Calcium also has health benefits: it is important because it stimulates the nerves, muscles and blood clotting.

Drinking Donat Mg mineral water will help you restore the balance of minerals in the body, it is in fact a real natural supplement of mineral salts.

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