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Cherry tomato sauce

Scirocco Agricultural Society, Marina di Ragusa (Rg).
Net weight: 330 gr

Ingredients: Cherry tomato (95% min.) From organic farming
Extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Production area: Sicily (Italy)

To keep always in the pantry to dress pasta or make tasty recipes very fast because it is a sauce ready to be heated.

The Sicilian Organic Cherry Tomato thanks to the warm climate and the sun of Sicily is very famous because it allows to have a unique product, sweet and above all good, allowing also to make tasty dishes and recipes, thanks to the ready seasoning makes them very fast.

Directions for use : Seasoning ready for pasta, only to be heated. No cooking required. Excellent as a base in the preparation of ragù and stews. After opening, keep in the fridge.

The product is part of the SANI project , as it contains important levels of the following group of nutraceuticals:

Carotenoids : a class of nutraceuticals that includes beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, precursors of Vitamin A. They are present in orange and yellow or red leafy fruits and vegetables; beta-carotene, in addition to carrots, is found in large quantities in apricots and peppers. Lycopene, with its strong antioxidant and anti-tumor action, as well as in tomatoes and its products (sauce, concentrate, purée, etc.), is contained in good quantities also in watermelon and papaya. Its absorption is favored by the simultaneous intake of lipids such as olive oil (to further support the Mediterranean diet).

To learn more about the effects on human health of the nutraceutical group above, please read the following article published on our blog :

Nutritional values ​​for 100 gr of product
Kcal 45 Kcal
Protein 1.8 gr
Fats 1.4 gr of which
Saturated fats 0.2 gr
Carbohydrates 7.8 gr of which
Sugars 5.3 gr
Fibers 2.4 gr
Salt 0.9 gr


* AI (Assunzione Adeguata - Adequate Intake). Si tratta del livello di assunzione del nutriente che si assume adeguato a soddisfare i fabbisogni della popolazione. Il valore è riferito ai valori LARN della SINU di quantità giornaliera raccomandata per un uomo adulto, vivente in Italia, sano, di età tra 30 e 59 anni, con una dieta di circa 2.000 kcal (8400Kj)/giorno.


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