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Citronella essential oil (Cymbopogon nardus), altaNatura.
10 ml

Pure essential oil

Citronella essential oil has the following properties :
- stimulating because it acts on the nervous system: it generates a state of relaxation, calm and optimism, it removes the negative thoughts that put the soul into depression;
- useful in case of headache due to nervous tension, stress, mental and physical fatigue and on states of deconcentration. If used when driving for many hours, with a few drops on the handkerchief, it stimulates the driver's attention;
- antiviral : it is an excellent remedy against flu and parainfluenza viruses, fever, cough-causing lung infections;
- mosquito repellent : it is the excellent remedy against mosquitoes and to prevent bites and bites of annoying insects by spreading them in the rooms, by putting a little on cotton balls and placed in the cabinets and drawers, it will help to keep the moths away and will smell pleasantly the clothes.
- antispasmodic : relaxes the muscles, is therefore indicated in case of spasms, abdominal cramps, for diarrheal colitis and in general for all muscle pains.
- deodorant : like all essential oils, it plays an antiseptic action on bacteria, especially those that cause bad smells. If diluted 2 drops in the footbath water is effective against excessive sweating. If you use a few drops in the shampoo, it has a purifying action on the scalp, in case of greasy hair and seborrhea.

Essentia are obtained either by steam distillation of the drug containing the essential oil or by direct squeezing (in the case, for example, of citrus peel).

Essential oils are substances of vegetable origin, perfumed, volatile, insoluble in water and soluble in fats, oils and organic solvents.
The two main properties, for external use, are the antiseptic and the stimulating one.

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