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urban area Pescara - Chieti

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Carrubato in monoporzione, Ciokarrua.Ricco di fibre, senza zuccheri aggiunti, senza cacao, biologico..
Ex Tax: €11.36
Fave di cacao tostate bio, Ciokarrua.Peso netto: 150 grIngredienti: Fave di cacao tostate 100%Una pa..
Ex Tax: €4.10
Organic pasta of saragolla spaghetti , Rustichella D'Abruzzo . Net weight: 500 gr Cooking tim..
Ex Tax: €4.04
Panettone Gran Natale cioccolato e arancia, Sapore di Sole.Peso netto: 500 grClassico dolce di Natal..
Ex Tax: €12.54
Panettone Gran Natale al caffè e gocce di ciocolato fondente, Sapore di Sole.Peso netto: 500 grDolce..
Ex Tax: €12.86
Olio di rosa mosqueta, Officina Naturae.Formato da 110 mlMetodo di estrazione:olio ricavato per pres..
Ex Tax: €9.43
Detergente viso solido purificante, Officina Naturae.Mela e Mora, il tuo viso si indora!Quante volte..
Ex Tax: €8.93
Torroncini misti, Artemisia Liquori e Dolci Srl.Peso netto: 200 grL'assortimento prevede 5 gusti: • ..
Ex Tax: €9.00




Saperi locali

Shop specializing in natural, organic and whole food products, organic cosmetics, natural integrators, nutrition and natural and sustainable lifestyles books, events on nutrition, wellness, cuisine and natural lifestyles.


We have carefully chosen every product we offer in the shop, every company with which we have chosen to collaborate directly, every expert that supports us in the continuous activity of information and training of our customers.


The products offered are not just organic or vegan. They are above all healthy, natural, integral and without preservatives and additives produced by the chemical or food industry. We have chosen the products through scientific knowledge on the characteristics of the nutrients contained, ensuring that the provenance is known and known the production process, highlighting scientific studies on nutrients and their proper use for healthy eating.


Saperi Locali is the portal par excellence where to buy healthy food, integrators, cosmetics and books to live a happy and healthy life.