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Fidelity Card

Ask for the Loyalty Card at the point of sale: it's free and will save you money on your purchases!
It is easy to obtain it: ask for it in the cashier and fill out the form in order to enjoy all the advantages of a privileged member .
To accumulate points, present your card before the goods purchased: you will collect the points and you will automatically receive a discount of 5% and exclusive benefits reserved for Card holders.
Fidelity Card holders are entitled to join the Community of Local Knowledge (Facebook group "Friends of Local Knowledge"). You can check your points balance on the receipt or by contacting pescara@saperilocali.it. Even with your online purchases , you can participate in the Local Knowledge Fidelity Program. Register online and start earning points with your first expense. Become part of the Community of Local Knowledge, ask for the Card and admission to the Facebook Group "Friends of Local Knowledge".
What are you waiting for? Register now!

Accumulating points is easy: one point for each euro (1 € = 1 point). Points can not be transferred to third parties.

Local knowledge issues two types of Card:
a) Fidelity Silver Card: allows the accumulation of points and entitles you to a fixed 5% monthly discount in the form of a voucher calculated on the basis of the points accumulated the previous month;
b) Fidelity Gold Card : does not allow the accumulation of points, while giving the right to a personalized discount that the customer obtains on each purchase provided that it is a purchase of not less than € 20.00 euro made no later than 30 days from the previous purchase . Once the Gold card has been lost, it can be replaced with a new Silver Card.
Every month, 5% of accumulated points translates into a discount of equal value. The discount voucher is represented by a voucher that must be paid within the following month, on an expense equal to twice the value of the voucher. The voucher can be spent to purchase products of the "Cosmetics" and "Supplements" categories, or in addition to other products specified by Saperi Locali each month and communicated via a post on the Facebook group "Friends of Local Knowledge" or other communication channels. It is not possible to buy discounted products or subject to other promotions. The discount can be requested directly at the cash desk by presenting the voucher received via email or via whatsapp. The amount of the voucher will be deducted from the amount on the expense to be paid. To take advantage of the discount on online purchases, you will need to enter the voucher code received in the space provided on the online "Coupon Code".
Local knowledge recognizes a discount of 5% based on the total points accumulated during the current month, which communicates directly to the customer in the form of a voucher.
The voucher is personal and must be used within the month of issue.
The operation is valid until 31/12/2018, unless extended for a subsequent and additional year.
The Fidelity Card can be requested directly in the store or via the Saperi Locali e-shop. Registration is free and immediate. Each customer can have only one card.
VALIDITY OF THE LOYALTY CARD - The Points Collection is valid on the web and in the Local Knowledge stores. The Fidelity Card is personal, is not transferable to third parties, is free and does not constitute a means of payment. The Customer must show the Fidelity Card in cash only for purchases in the store. The staff of Saperi Locali reserves the right to request an identity document from the Customer to verify the correct identity of the Card holder.
For any inquiries regarding this event, please contact: pescara@saperilocali.it or call 085-4308478.

Loyalty Program of Local Knowledge

1) Recipients of the Charter
The Loyalty Card is exclusively for Customers of Saperi Locali Srl.
2) Recipients of the Initiative
The Points Collection is completely free and is intended exclusively for customers holding the Loyalty Card, hereinafter "Customers", and is issued by Saperi Locali Srl, via Colle Renazzo, 5, 65129 Pescara, hereinafter "Issuer".
3) Territorial scope of the Initiative
The Points Collection is valid on the web and in all points of sale of Local Knowledge and / or affiliated shops.
4) What is the Loyalty Card
The Loyalty Card allows the Customer to participate in loyalty programs and in particular to all campaigns (collection points and campaigns with prizes and / or discounts) promoted by the Issuer. The Card is nominative. The Owner is entitled to only one Charter and is required to make it exclusively for private and non-commercial use.
5) Release of the Charter
The Card is issued completely free of charge, after completing the application form correctly and completely. Failure, incomplete or untrue filling of the form will make it impossible to issue or revoke the card. The Customer also undertakes to inform the Issuer of any changes to his personal data. The data provided by the Customer will be processed by the Issuer in compliance with the provisions on personal data protection (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 "Privacy Code" and subsequent amendments), as specified in the specific Information provided pursuant to 'art. 13 of the Legislative Decree 30/06/2010 n. 196. The Card, in Silver format, entitles you to collect points and then to discounts as specified below. The Fidelity Gold Card does not allow the accumulation of points and entitles you to an immediate personalized discount on a list of products that are specified by the Issuer. The Silver Card is issued to all customers who request it, while the Gold Card is issued only upon exclusive decision of the Issuer.
6) Use of the Charter
To benefit from the benefits associated with the Card, it is necessary to present the same at the time of payment of the services / products purchased from the Issuer (point of sale or on-line site).
7) Loss, damage, theft, manipulation, forgery or failure of the Card
In case of loss, damage, manipulation, counterfeiting or malfunctioning of the Card, the Customer is obliged to promptly notify the Issuer, who, after checking the identification data of the Customer, undertakes to cancel and replace the old Card with a new one. to credit all the accumulated and unused benefits in the necessary technical times. The Issuer reserves the right to verify the validity of the presented Cards and to refuse those that are counterfeit or in any case made subject to manipulation. The Issuer is not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Card. The Issuer is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, related to malfunctions of the Card and the systems for its management not dependent on its will. In any case, the Issuer undertakes to do its utmost to guarantee customers the recovery of any accumulated and unused benefits.
8) Return of the Card
The Owner may, at any time, return his / her Card to the Issuer. The return implies the renunciation of any accumulated and unused benefits.
9) Validity and revocation of the Charter
The Card does not expire, but the Issuer reserves the right to revoke it at any time and without prior notice, in the event that it is used fraudulently or incorrectly or is harmful to the Issuer or in any case in the event of use in violation of this Regulation. The revocation involves the cancellation of the Card and the cancellation of any accumulated and unused benefits. The Issuer reserves the right to request the return of any unlawfully acquired benefits (points, prizes, discounts, other), as well as to take legal action against the Customer.
10) Customer Service
For information or information, please contact Saperi Locali customer service at 085-4308478 or by sending an e-mail to pescara@saperilocali.it

Initiative Regulations Collection Points

1) Nature of the Collection Points Collection
2) Procedure for the implementation of the Initiative
2.1) What is the Point Collection Initiative
The Points Collection allows the Customer of the Silver Fidelity Card to accumulate, against a certain amount of expenditure incurred in a month for the purchase of products / services at the Issuer, a certain quantity of points that will give him the right to a voucher equal to the value of 5% of the points accumulated during the current month.
2.2) Accumulation of points
Points can be accumulated only and exclusively by making purchases of products or services at the Issuer, upon presentation of the Card at the time of payment. For every 1 euro spent, a number of points equal to 1 will be credited to the Card, which will be added, from time to time, to the points already acquired on the occasion of previous purchases. Failure to present the Card at the time of payment of the products and services purchased will not allow the accumulation of points and will not give the right to their accreditation at a later time. During the course of the initiative, the Issuer may decide to provide additional points, also following the purchase of specific articles specifically indicated, of the presentation of coupons or in any case according to the procedures that will be communicated from time to time by the Issuer.
2.3) Use of the voucher
Once the voucher has been issued, the Card User will be entitled to receive from the Issuer, free of charge, a discount equal to the amount of the voucher on the next expense made by the same within the month following the issue of the voucher, of at least twice the amount of the value of the voucher. The voucher can be spent to purchase products of the "Cosmetics" and "Supplements" categories, or other products specified monthly by Local Knowledge and communicated through a post on the Facebook group "Friends of Local Knowledge" or other communication channels. It is not possible to buy discounted products or subject to other promotions. With the issue of the voucher, the amount of points accumulated during the previous month will be reset. The voucher is automatically calculated on the last day of the current month and sent to the customer by email or by whatsapp by the first day of the following month. The voucher can be used at the points of sale or on the online trading site of the Issuer, no later than the last day of the month of issue. After this date, the voucher will no longer have any validity nor will it entitle you to any refund.
3) Duration of the discount or prize
Once issued, the voucher will have validity equal to the duration of the month of issue.
4) Duration of the Initiative
This promotional campaign expires on 12/31/2018, unless it is extended by the Issuer for a period of one year.
5) Unconditional acceptance of these Rules Participation in the Points Collection implies acceptance of the conditions established in these Regulations, whose updated version will always be available at http://saperilocali.com/shop/fidelity

Pescara, 01 May 2018 Saperi Locali Srl