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Tisana Detox 21 giorni , Valverbe Società Agricola Cooperativa.21 filtriLa tisana 21 giorni Deto..
Ex Tax: €4.54
Draining Pineapple taste, AltaNatura. Diuretic and slimming action! Content: 500 ml Stimulates di..
Ex Tax: €17.27
Blueberry draining taste, AltaNatura. Diuretic and slimming action! Content: 500 ml Stimulates d..
Ex Tax: €17.27
Rheum Depurative, High Nature. The Depurative! The active ingredients contained in the Tarassaco, ..
Ex Tax: €15.91
Fagioli suocera e nuora abruzzesi, prodotto e confezionato da azienda agricola Sapori di Bea (Abbate..
Ex Tax: €5.45
Organic cicerchie past, produced by Podere Pereto Farm (Rapolano Terme, Siena). Net weight: 340 gr ..
Ex Tax: €4.20
Pasta Linguina, Pastificio Di Martino. Net weight: 500 gr List of ingredients: durum wheat semolin..
Ex Tax: €1.44
Natural mineral water rich in mineral salts, Donat Mg . 1 litre Raw material origin: Slovenia . D..
Ex Tax: €1.71
Smoked Cyprus sea salt in flakes with grinder, Groceries Grocery. Net weight: 45 gr. Seasoning bas..
Ex Tax: €3.89
Black Cyprus salt in flakes, Grocery Store Food. Net weight: 50 gr Seasoning flavored with sea sal..
Ex Tax: €2.62
Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon Burm.F.), altaNatura. 10 ml Pure essential oil Lemon essential ..
Ex Tax: €5.74
Citronella essential oil (Cymbopogon nardus), altaNatura. 10 ml Pure essential oil Citronella ess..
Ex Tax: €5.74
Milk enzymes Florap Smart Vials, High Nature. LACTIC FERMENTS. Classic, effective and immediate. D..
Ex Tax: €10.45
Organic dandruff shampoo , Benessence. Pack of 250 ml Organic Anti-dandruff Shampoo in Organic Alo..
Ex Tax: €11.39
Organic anti- hair loss adjuvant shampoo , Benessence. Pack of 250 ml Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shamp..
Ex Tax: €11.39
Organic facial cleansing milk , Benessence. Pack of 150 ml Organic Cleansing Milk in Organic Aloe..
Ex Tax: €16.31
Organic facial cleanser , Benessence. 200 ml pack Organic Facial Cleanser in Organic Aloe Vera wit..
Ex Tax: €12.21
Darmagel Organic Intimate Cleanser with Aloe Vera, Benessence. Pack of 250 ml. Ph. 5.0 Refreshing..
Ex Tax: €7.29
Organic clay facial mask, Benessence. Pack of 50 ml Bio Clay Face Mask in Organic Aloe Vera with G..
Ex Tax: €24.51
Bio facial tonic, Benessence. Pack of 150 ml Organic Face Tonic in Organic Aloe Vera with Extracts..
Ex Tax: €16.31
Bio day moisturizing face cream, Benessence. Pack of 50 ml Organic Day Cream in Organic Aloe Vera ..
Ex Tax: €28.61
Bio body massage cream, Benessence. Pack of 250 ml Organic Massage Cream in Organic Aloe Vera with..
Ex Tax: €28.61
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Saperi locali

Shop specializing in natural, organic and whole food products, organic cosmetics, natural integrators, nutrition and natural and sustainable lifestyles books, events on nutrition, wellness, cuisine and natural lifestyles.


We have carefully chosen every product we offer in the shop, every company with which we have chosen to collaborate directly, every expert that supports us in the continuous activity of information and training of our customers.


The products offered are not just organic or vegan. They are above all healthy, natural, integral and without preservatives and additives produced by the chemical or food industry. We have chosen the products through scientific knowledge on the characteristics of the nutrients contained, ensuring that the provenance is known and known the production process, highlighting scientific studies on nutrients and their proper use for healthy eating.


Saperi Locali is the portal par excellence where to buy healthy food, integrators, cosmetics and books to live a happy and healthy life.